Getting Started

            Shooting is one of the safest of all recreational sports. People of all ages and physical condition participate regularly at shooting clubs and ranges in every free country. Only a very small percentage of shooters compete at the highest levels. Most of us just like to enjoy shooting clay targets with our friends and family at the local club on weekends.

            Clay target shooting like other sports, involves some basic techniques that form the foundation for success. Most of my students are beginners. Many continue to take instruction as they advance their skill level. As beginners, they usually have high expectations and in most cases, we are able to achieve their goals. We use shotguns suited to the particular student, light ammunition to minimize recoil and we require eye and ear protection while on the range.

            I ask my students to come to the range with an open mind. They will learn some techniques and concepts that may surprise them. Experienced shooters need to be even more open-minded since they will very likely have to unlearn a few things in order to advance. We work at a relaxed pace to establish the basics one step at a time. Students will shoot about 75 targets in the first hourly session.

            To get started, simply contact me or a shooting coach of your choice. Instruction can also be arranged at a club near you. If you have a shotgun, bring it along. Remember to dress comfortably and to consider weather conditions, you will be outside for at least one hour. Do not wear clothing or jewelry that will inhibit placing of the shotgun on your shoulder and touching your cheek.

            Individual and group lessons are available by appointment. Fees vary according to number of students and location. Call Bill at 717 637-6344 or e-mail at NSCA Level III