Most sporting clay shooters advance to a certain level, usually around the mid-30's on a 50 target layout. Getting from there to the mid-40's can seem like an impossible task. This is the point where they are practicing their mistakes over and over, actually getting better at those mistakes with each round. Of course they get plenty of "help" from their shooting friends in terms of where they missed. Frustration sets in, they get discouraged and eventually lose interest.

            When the "intermediate" shooter seeks help from a professional coach, he usually knows which targets give him the most trouble. He just doesn't know why. Many have seen the great videos put out by our top competitive shooters. They have read the magazine articles and tried to apply the principles. Unfortunately their scores just get worse as they keep changing techniques.

            We see more and more intermediate shooters taking lessons, some out of frustration, some just for fun, all of them because they want to hit those hard shots. There is simply no substitute for having a trained coach standing behind you while you shoot. He is seeing the entire picture, using the "diagnostic tree" to determine what to fix and how to fix it permanently. There are no great secrets to shooting well, just advanced application of the basics.

            Your coach can help you with all of the accepted shooting methods, sustained lead, pull away, swing through or instinctive wing shooting. You will want all of these methods in your shooting bag of tricks. He will help you develop a plan for every shooting station. Which target first in pairs? Is your gun mount "grooved" for consistency? How to shoot battues and rabbits. What about chokes and loads? Does your "gun fit" work for or against you? How should you really practice to improve? It's never too late to start "hitting those hard shots."

            Individual and group lessons are available by appointment. Fees vary according to number of students and location. Call Bill at 717 637-6344 or send e-mail